It’s been a while (again)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because I’ve been lazy.

I could make excuses but I wont.

Did life get in the way? Has work been super busy? Has Coronavirus turned the world on its head? Has the mind been boggled by current events around Black lives matter? They’ve all been a part of my life but it’s still no excuse.

But I’m back. Hopefully in a more regular capacity. I say hopefully because I know myself and I know what I intend to do but sometimes, I end up failing at this blogging thing.

It’s literally been five or six months since my last post and so much has happened.

Aside from what I mentioned above, I’ve turned 30 (that was a life change). I’ve taken up baking prior to the pandemic to make life more fabulous and become the go to family master baker.

I’ve also been reliving past experiences, trying to understand why people can be so inhumane. And I’ve been thinking about what I can do and what advice I can offer to help other people like myself. Females from the Bronx (or places like that), looking for a chance or an opportunity to do something more.

I grew up in the projects of the South Bronx. Definitely not with a head start in the most traditional of ways. I had separated parents, no wealth, lots of siblings and a unique upbringing. I’m a black female who graduated a prestigious college with my BA. And with the help of all those involved in my life and lots of determination, I’ve found myself married, living and working in London and working on the next phase of what once was the American dream.

I’m still very much working on finding my niche but I’ve moved from being totally poor to budgeting and going on holidays (or vacations if you’re from America) when I can find a deal. I’m also looking to get myself on the property ladder, start a successful side business, build generational wealth and just be the best Alicia I can be.

All these things that I’m doing, I want my siblings to experience. I want other girls like me (those who watched too much TV and had a dream) to have a better shot at doing the things that they want to do. The question is how?

I’m trying to figure that out. Right now, I think I’ll share advice so if you have any questions about my path and how I’ve accomplished what I have to date, fire away. And if you have any ideas as to how I can help others, let me know in the comments too.

Until next time.

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