My Travel Writing Was Featured On Bustle

So it may be a bit late but I’m someone who is pretty modest. I share my accomplishments from time to time but for someone who helps promote others, I can be bad at promoting myself. I tend to fall on the humble side. But as it’s never too late to do what you want, I wanted to share that my story on female black travel went up on Bustle a few months ago!

Why should you read my piece? Aside from working really hard to interview, write and create the narrative around the travel retreat space, it’s a really great read telling the stories of three women seeking to make travel more inclusive while making themselves even better. Some other reasons why you should read:

  • Learn about three great retreats happening this year that you can sign up for
  • Find out more about my personal experiences traveling through Europe
  • Discover how these women are changing the narrative in the female retreat and wellness space
  • Fantastic imagery of myself and the other women living their best lives traveling
  • Stay current with what some women like myself feel and think about traveling abroad and inclusivity

There you have it. End of shameless plug! Go read my article on Bustle and give it a share if you are feeling what I and the three other women have to say.

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