My 2019 Top Travel Destinations

I started my 2019 as an expat in London who went on a mini trip to Berlin Germany. One would think that you’d call that travel goals or at least, a healthy start for anyone who has resolved to travel more in 2019. To that I say you’re right, but my list of things to do this year, it’s oh so long.

As 2018 wrapped up, I saw lists curated on the best destinations to visit in 2019 and all I could think was “man, there are a lot of places out there.” How could I possibly find the time and money to do it all? The answer  is that there isn’t enough time but it doesn’t hurt to try. With that, I’m sharing a few of my travel destinations for 2019. This isn’t based on data or even places that I’ve completely experienced but for some reason (probably Instagram), I’m getting vibes that these places will see more tourism.

italy magazine

Seen in Italy Magazine


Located in Italy is the beautiful city of Rome. I mean, there are lots of beautiful cities in Italy but Rome is the classic. It’s the one I recall when watching Mary Kate and Ashley jet off to another foreign place that was alive with cool outfits, adventure and somehow, a cute boy just waiting to fall in love with your feminine mystique.

In 2019, I foresee people aiming to live their best lives since 2018 was kind of meh for some. This means, indulging in yummy pastas, gelatos and wine, waistline be damned. But not really. You can walk all over the city to help restore a balance to your feasting and somehow, the pasta is less fattening there. Maybe I’m lying to myself but I have heard European food can be leaner than their American counterparts.

In Rome awaits, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, a detour to the Vatican, amazing architecture and yes, food! Why wouldn’t this be a stop in 2019.

dakar tap

Seen in Tap Air Portugal


Visiting a cosmopolitan city in Africa is easier than you think. One place that will delight you is Dakar, Senegal. Lined with beaches, delicious food, culture and lots of sunny vibes, Dakar is one of those places that will offer a magical experience. It’s a little less popping than places like Morocco or South Africa is (I saw so many Instagrams and I myself went to Marrakesh) so I have a suspicion that more eyeballs will be on the hunt for some place like Dakar since it is unique.

Not only will you be blown away by the landscape but you’ll learn a lot too. There are lots of museums about the slave trade and though it may not be a fun subject, it is one of very great importance. I’m hoping I can find my way there this year.


Seen in Travel Triangle


So if you were on Instagram at all last year, Bali was all over the shop. There were photos of influencers in tubs filled with rose petals or sitting in a pool eating what appeared to be a delicious spread of a floating breakfast. Now that’s luxury!

When you arrive, perch on a beautiful sandy beach, climb a volcano or visit a temple. Some people love to have monkeys all over them but I say ditch that and just look at them from a far. This location has been on my list for two years now as somewhere I need to visit and that still hasn’t changed. Located in Indonesia, I’m dying to one day set off for warm rays, yummy food and a bit of adventure. I’m sure Bali will still deliver fierce photos on social media this year.


Seen in Travel + Leisure


Palawan Islands

Just a few months ago this location sat at the top of my list for places to consider for my honeymoon. As soon as I “discovered it” however, I saw it appearing on way too many Instagram feeds for my liking. I wanted a remote, relaxing honeymoon adventure so I put it a bit further down on my contenders list but it’s still up there in regards to must visit. Why? The breathtaking views.

Sit on a white beach overlooking turquoise waters while sipping on a tasty drink. Go snorkeling and discover the flora and fauna below. Head off to a lagoon, an underground river or a cave to find hidden treasures. Or island hop and indulge in the local cuisine. This is truly a vacation to unwind, relax and dazzle your eyes! I definitely see more people heading here in the coming months.


Montego Bay

Although I have Jamaican heritage, I’ve never been to any part of Jamaica. I have been to the Caribbean (DR) but not to any island. For shame, I know. But this year I suspect I might get there finally and so will others.

A tropical paradise, Montego Bay offers fun island vibes. Sip on my fav drink of pina coladas; eat jerk chicken, roti, curry goat, plantains, dumplings and all the goods; lay in the pristine sand reading a good book. There are a lot of ways to just exist in bliss on this island and I see many people in need of a remote holiday without spending tons of cash. Montego Bay in Jamaica is the answer.


Seen in Visit Sedona


A fan of hiking and spa days? Sedona will be your local place to head to in 2019. Taking in beautiful sunsets or sunrises, you can do yoga from a hill top or find a masseuse that will workout every bit of stress from your body.

What I like about Sedona and suspect others will enjoy this year is that it is low-key but surrounded by astounding beauty. Red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests are around so the nature lover in you will have something to constantly take in while in the city. You’re also pretty close to the Grand Canyon so you can take in those views and eat some delicious food that is likely to have a Mexican influence. And if you love spirituality, I know this place will be for you. I see mental health and spirituality topping people’s lists this year so don’t be shocked to see them all in Sedona.


Those are my thoughts based on no scientific facts, just my hunch. Let me know if you agree!

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