Can You Speak French in Marrakech?

Communication is key. It really is! If you can’t align with another person, things can really fall to poo as people say. I mean, there may be other factors at play but when you can’t express a simple feeling. Things start to breakdown to the point of no return. This is especially essential when traveling!

My last foreign trip was to Morocco. I was dying to go to a country where English or Spanish wasn’t the primary language. I wanted to be in a new location where I could dive head first into another language. The language of love… French.

I studied French for 4 years in college. So much learning in fact that it became my second major and I live abroad for an entire semester in Paris. It was good times. Well, at the time, I was very nervous. I was so far from home and excited but unsure of how much I should do in the country. Like, I didn’t really venture too far or do any wild things you see in the movies (rom com or R rated stuff). I just kind of wandered the streets from time and enjoyed pastries.

Not to make it sound sad or anything. It was great and I got to practice my French a lot but in hindsight, I would have mixed things up a bit. But I’m losing my point. I went to Marrakech because I wanted to practice my French and visit a country that dazzled on Instagram. When I got there however, I felt like I only ever got to speak French at my riad.

I was traveling with my boyfriend and upon our arrival, I felt as if everyone was addressing him rather than  myself. Maybe I’m a bit timid and he’s more outgoing but I felt like there may have been dynamics at play. I’m female. He’s a male. I’m black and he was classified as white. I’m American and they assumed he was They mostly spoke in English and we were told they preferred Arabic rather than us attempting French. Lots of little factors in Marrakech and I’m honestly not sure which one tipped the scale in either direction. What I did feel however is that I rarely got to speak much in French.

I know it’s been a while and my accent is pretty poo but I really wanted to break it out more. I did make attempts and understood a lot of what was spoken when our riad host have us the lay of the land but I definitely didn’t get to say as much as I wanted. Was it my fault or the outside factors? I’ll honestly never know but it was an interesting experience.

So can you speak French in Marrakech? You can but if English is your first language and they can sense it, I’d say be prepared for them to speak that language instead.

Am I wrong? Can you speak French and I was being too shy? Let me know!

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