Where To Eat In Marrakech

Today, I want to breakdown where you should eat in Marrakech if you’re dying for food and don’t want to end up in KFC. I won’t lie, if you’re a picky eater, you’ll find it hard to immediately pop in and find something to eat. BUT, if you’re open, you’ll discover that flavors there are amazing and that there’s so much you can find to satisfy your tastebuds.


We went here after I got very hangry (I feel like that happens often). We were looking in our guidebook for a place to eat nearby Jemaa el Fna. We didn’t want to dine directly in the square as you were likely to find overpriced mediocre food but incredible views, so we looked a bit outside the square. We soon found Portofino. A spot that specializes in  Italian cuisine. When you enter, it doesn’t look like anything special. It actually looks like a tourist trap but it’s low key and actually pretty nice.

There, I ordered a creamy chicken pasta and we had an appetizer of bread and olives. It was great! Maybe I was starving but the food was really good and you received a large quantity of it. For dessert, I had a creme brule and anyone who knows me knows that it’s one of my favorite treats. It didn’t disappoint. I’d definitely recommend this place and rate it a 4/5.


I love me some creme brule!


Cafe Dejeuner

A pricer option but lovely for a special dinner would be Cafe Dejeuner. It’s upscale (think sophisticated tourist) but not too high end that you feel out of place wearing jeans. The ambiance was delightful and peaceful – everything you need after spending a hectic day in the square.




I had a zucchini and garlic soup as my starter and my boyfriend had four fried dumpling like pieces – they were amazing! For our mains, he had monkfish and I had a beef dish. Both were cooked very nicely, the meat fell off the bones and the sauces they were cooked in – so good. I’d recommend any of these dishes if you’re at this restaurant tucked in one of the side streets of the souks. Our dessert was a lemon tart, but a creative play on the tart. I have a sweet tooth and I think this was one of my favorite dishes. 4.5/5


Lemon tart with meringue and yummy bits.

House of Fusion

Here you have to earn your food. On Rue Zitoun, this cute old riad is home to a fabulous chef named Edwina who teaches you how to make traditional Moroccan cuisine.


Classes can cost about $100 but you’ll be getting a five star meal. Make cous cous and mint tea from scratch over fabulous conversation about the city and life. We ended up eating butterfly sardines, aubergine, cous cous with sweet roasted peppers, fried cauliflower, chicken tagine, cucumber sorbet and an assortment of vegetables. It was rich and unbelievably tasty. Really one of the best meals ever. What was more satisfying is that we made everything from scratch! 5/5

Those are my top spots for great food in Marrakech. I’m sure La Mamounia serves up fabulous food but you’ll probably spend a pretty penny on it. All of these options are moderatley affordable. Even the cooking option as you learn to make all the dishes from scratch and get the recipes to recreate the meal later at home.


Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places. Any other worthy spots to eat at in Marrakech?

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